The goal of the TEGERNSEE ACADEMY is help you to succeed in any business endeavor: be it starting your own business as a freelancer, creating a new company as an entrepreneur, or adapting your existing enterprise or department to a new business environment as an executive. You’re in the right place at TEGERNSEE ACADEMY. 

We provide all-around package of services aimed at YOUR business success. Starting with educating you about specific business subjects, following with coaching of executives, and consulting firms on individual set of goals. 

Our trainers, coaches, and consultants are at your disposal to help you build and maintain a sustainable business. They are all committed to excellence and considerate way of supporting you at any stage of your business development. We’re here for YOU to succeed! 


We provide numerous workshops and trainings that range from business strategy to negotiation and creative approaches to problem-solving. We typically start with “Strategy First!” workshop and later cover areas that are individually needed. 


Our coaching services have been specifically developed for self-employed, founders of start-ups, and corporate executives. In short, our coaching services are tailored to the decision makers.


Through our consulting services, we offer on-site support for our corporate clients. We collaboratively help them to develop and implement a business strategy by adapting processes and optimizing all aspect of the operating model. 

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